Pensacola Navy Youth Swim Team 



Family Committment

Your help and support is vital to the team.

Our fee structure is very low compared to most other sports and recreational activities. To keep the fees low, PNY hosts five competitions a year to raise money for the team. Three of these competitions are Saturday-Sunday meets, and the other two are Saturday-only meets.

Those five meets require the participation of EVERY parent on the team. It takes at least 40-50 parents to run a meet so we often ask for both parents from a family to commit to work for all sessions on each meet day (not just when your child is swimming).

For those parents with small children, parents often choose the jobs where the kids can be alongside all day, or some get babysitters for the day and some have even gotten substitute workers - takes a little work and pre-planning but with a little personal innovation, the meet obligation can still be met!

Please try to support our home schedule.   These 9 meet days provide over 80% of PNYís annual budget.   Everyone on the team benefits from the money raised.   Since it would be unfair to reap the benefits without putting in the time and effort, if you are absolutely unable to attend, we can add the meet fundraising fee to your bill ($60 per session which can be paid with heat sheet ads, concession donations, etc).   Keep in mind that a Saturday-Sunday meet generally has 4 sessions.   We prefer YOU though; no amount of money can purchase a timer or a concession worker.

Remember, this family commitment is expected even if your child will not be swimming the meet due to other activities.


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