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We know that you have questions about Who?, What?, Where?, When?, and Why?. Some of you are wondering What is expected of my child, and maybe What is expected from us, the parents?   Since almost everybody is aware that Nothing is really free and that Everything of value also has a cost, we realize that some of you are wondering   What is the cost?

We get asked these question frequently - and usually just about the start of each season!   So, we designed this section of our web site to provide answers, and explain our policies, rules and general expectations. Hopefully we will be able to answer most of your questions with the material presented in the pages categorized and indexed below.


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1.   One page Welcome Handout
  2.   PNY, SES, USA Swimming, and FINA Organizations
  3.   PNY Training and Competition Seasons
  4.   Training Fees
  5.   Competition Fees
  6.   Insurance Requirements:
Membership required in USA Swimming and SES
  7.   Family Support and Commitments
  8.   Forms and other downloadable files
  9.   Team Apparel
  10.   Swim Practices
11.   PNY Registration form
12.   PNY Tryout Guidelines

On your first day (tryout evaluation) you must complete a PNY Tryout Guidelines form. This form is available on the deck or can be downloaded.

You will be told during the tryout how you did, and the Evaluation Coach will make suggestions as to which part of our program would be the best choice for you.

If you are accepted as a team member, you have 7-days to complete and return the additional forms listed below along with any necessary fees.

The following three forms are required for all team members and can be downloaded from our Forms and other downloadable files website pages:

          1. PNY registration form with a notarized signature
          2. PNY Meet attendance intention form
          3. A Southeastern Swimming (SES) athlete registration form.
              (SES has three types of registration - select Seasonal, Outreach, or Full Year registration.)

Still have questions?

Please contact one of the Coaches if you still have any questions about…
Personal Commitment Attending practices and participating in three meets per season.
FinancialPre-paying USS insurance and training fees, paying competition fees for meets entered and maintaining the appropiate family escrow balance.
Family commitmentWorking home meets.


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