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Pensacola Junior College - Pensacola

Pensacola Junior College
1000 College Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32506

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General driving directions       MAPS

The Pensacola Junior College Campus is located off of Airport Blvd. between North Davis Highway and 9th Ave.

1. Once you are on I-110, head south towards the Gulf of Mexico.
2. Turn east on 296 and get ready to turn left (north) on 291.
3. Proceed north to Airport Blvd, turn right (east).
4. The first major street on your left is College Parkway and Washington High School.
5. Continue past the High school on Airport Blvd and go 1/4 mile to the next major intersection (North 9th ave).
6. Turn left (kinda heading north-east) onto North 9th Ave.
7. The next major intersection (about 1/4 mile ahead) is College Blvd, turn left.
8. You are now at Pensacola Junior College.

The Ross Health and Sports Center is building # 3 on this campus map.

Ross Health and Sports Center

We have created 4 maps pointing the way to the Ross Health and Sports Center at Pensacola Junior College in Pensacola, FL.

      Map 4 is a wide area view, and Map 2 is of the streets immediately surrounding the center.
Map 1 a campus map. The Ross Health and Sports Center is Building # 3.

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      Maps:     (wider view)   map 4     map 3     map 2   (Narrower view)

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