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CID Corry Station - Pensacola


CID Corry Station
Chief’s Way
Pensacola, FL 32506

The Corry Station pool is a beautiful 25-meter outdoor competition pool with non-turbulent lane lines and hand held watches. The starting end is at a 5-foot depth. This pool has a very nice deck space for both swimmers and spectators. Remember to bring your own chairs and a concession will be provided.

General driving directions       MAPS

The Corry Station maps below will provide directions to the general area of the main gate.

1. After entering at the Corry Station main gate, take the immediate left and go to the Stop Sign.
2. Turn right at the Stop Sign.
3. The Pool is visible from the Stop Sign, and is approximately 200 yards on your right.

CID Corry Station

We have created 3 maps pointing the way to the pool at CID Corry Station in Pensacola, FL.

      Map 4 is a wide area view, and Map 2 is of the streets near the main gate.

      If you click on a map image, you will be directed to the next closer view.
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      Maps:     (wider view)   map 4     map 3     map 2   (Narrower view)

Pensacola Navy Youth Swimmin'
401 North 57th Avenue
Pensacola, Fl   32506

Phone: 850-554-0625

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