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PNY Contact Information


If at any time you need to contact one of the PNY Coaches, you can do so by calling 850-554-0624 and leaving a message or by contacting the MWR Aquatic Office at 850-452-8293.

If you do not reach someone directly, be sure to leave a message and someone will return your call.

General inquiries and requests for information about the Pensacola Navy Youth Swimmin' program can also be E-mailed to our Information staff.

Written correspondence, meet paperwork, etc. can be mailed to PNY using the following address:

Pensacola Navy Youth Swimming

Phone: Not Available

Contact the Coaches.

PNY Contact Directory

Person / Position Phone Number Cell Number email_address*
Coach Trey Not Available (c) Not Available Not Available
Coach Vicki Not Available (w)   Not Available
Functional Positions
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(email only)
Coaching Staff   Not Available Not Available
PNY Meet Officials
(email only)
(email only)
Not Available
(email only)
(email only)
Not Available
Team Information Not Available (w) Not Available Information
PNY Comment Box
(all emails sent to this address are also forwarded to the Board of Directors)
(email only)
(email only)
Not Available
Computer and Web Support Services
Turner, Bill Not Available none Not Available
Postmaster (Bill) Not Available none Not Available
Webmaster (Bill) Not Available none Not Available


Meet Officials

Information on all meets either sponsored by, or attended by, PNY can be located on our web site under the topic heading of... (Not Available).

Information can be found under each meet description as to who to contact with questions about that meet.

Other questions regarding meet officials can be directed to our co-ordinator, who will get back in touch with you.


Pensacola Navy Youth Swimmin'
Pensacola, Fl   32506